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Hey, I'm Everret Hamilton – a versatile creator in music and indie game development. Having published games on Android, WebGL, and PC, I also love crafting immersive soundtracks. Check out my portfolio for the latest releases – dive into the unique fusion of music and gaming I've created.


Marry is one of the main characters in Dragon Battle: Streets Of Scum City.



Screen shot from Sento Evolved





James is one of the main characters in Dragon Battle: Streets Of Scum City and was another model created in the MakeHuman software.


Player Reviews for "Sento Evolved"


"I get Tekken and Mortal Kombat vibes from this. As a long standing beat 'em player I can see that this might become a nice way for me to relax during the lockdown. The training is very nice as well to get to grips with the initial fighting mechanics. Can see a lot has gone in to developing this, I'm excited to see where it's going to go in future updates!"

-Dwayne Hammond-


"Addictive fighting game. Great sound and animation! Amazing gameplay with stunning graphics.good job."

- John Writer- 


"This is a really well done fighting game. Graphics are superb. Controls are responsive. Story reminds me a bit of dragonball super but the gameplay is more similar to street fighter from the SNES. I'm not good at fighting games so my best strategy is to mash one button and hope for the best. Although the training mode helps you figure out combos before you go put down Lord Grog once and for all in the story!"

-Jonathan H-